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B’Steak Grill & Pancakes: Brand New Look, Same Great Food

We have said it in the past, and we will say it again, but B’Steak Grill & Pancake is one of the best place for anyone that loves western-style comfort food. And by comfort we also mean that you don’t need to worry about painful bill even you’re paying for 10, or even worry about what to wear.

Having been opened for almost 10 years, their Muara Karang branch is the oldest of the three (the other two in West Jakarta and Gading Serpong), and for that reason, it is also the one that has the most loyal customers. Last week, we came down to have a look and revisit the place which recently had a major face lift, making it more trendy looking and I’m sure appeal even more to the growing young and hungry PIK crowd.

As with their bigger and newer Serpong branch, B’Steak still sports a sizable menu offering different kinds of appetizers (many of them fried), although some of the most popular are the cheesy potato skin, creamy spinach nachos-a different take from the usual meat & salsa mexican nachos-, and one that we tried, the fried abalone mushroom (Rp. 29,500) with spicy mayo sauce. All delicious but it’s nothing like the big entree that looms in the corner.

B’Steak might appear like your regular 'family dinner' with a menu that lists everything anyone could possibly want, to be safe perhaps. But having spoken with Mrs. Fonny, one of the owners, I soon realized that these guys know their good meat. What’s written on the menu for the main steak offerings: the Australian Wagy, the US meat from Greater Omaha, and the Australian Prime Steer Beef, are not just for show.

They make sure that their meat is in good quality, as in, your meat has been dry-aged, chilled, and was never ever frozen on their way to your table. No matter which cut you order. This is something that a lot of the fancier steakhouses in Jakarta boasts, and B’steak just humbly takes for a fact for long.

To prove the theory, we tried the 200 grams Australian Rib Eye steak (Rp. 96,500) medium cooked, a cut that’s not too fancy, yet will quickly tell the meat’s quality and their chef’s meat handling techniques. Having had meat in countless steak restaurants in Jakarta, i have to say that B’steak probably has one of the best tasting meat around, the meat is perfectly seared on both sides, juicy, and tastes 'fresh', which proves what I’ve pointed out earlier. For a full land and sea feast, top your meal with the additional grilled butter prawn (Rp. 18,000) like I did. Delish.

We also tried the enormous 1 KG Lousiana Prime Ribs (Rp. 158,500), served on a bed of fries. I am not a big fan of ribs, but this thing is definitely a treat. The meat is succulent and evenly cooked all over.

For non-meat eaters, B’Steak gives you slack with three types of fish: tasmanian pink salmon, dory, and barramundi, cooked in several different ways. Either grilled, pan-crusted, and deep fried, ranging from Rp. 46,500 to Rp. 82,500. Not bad at all! Another thing I find very unique is their ‘flat-rate’ pasta selection. Each and every one of their 14 kinds of pasta are all priced at Rp. 42,500, which are all can be made spicy, in a range of 0-15 level.

For drinks, we ordered the wildberry cooler (with fresh strawberries and blueberries) mocktail (Rp. 24,500), and the ‘spicy’ iced chocolate shake (Rp. 27,500). Both very refreshing.

Last but not least, make sure you make room for their 14 pancakes selection; from ultimate black forest, blueberry cheese, choco berry devil, banana rumba, ovomaltine, and the one we tried, nutella oreo cheese cake–chocolate pancake with nutella spread, cream cheese, oreo crumbs, and topped with chocolate ice cream.

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