B’Steak is a family restaurant focus on Western food that has been established for quite some time since their first outlet at Greenville area and second outlet at Muara Karang. AnakJajan visited their newest and most spacious outlet at Gading Serpong area recently.

Blue Cheese Wagyu (Victorian Tenderloin)
AnakJajan must say that we are fascinated by how well they are doing and surviving despite the non stop growth of new restaurants everyday. This newest outlet at Gading Serpong area is very spacious and it was packed full with customers during our visit. The restaurant building consists of two floors indoor and outdoor area where they offer VIP rooms and function hall at the second floor for special occasion.

Talking about the food, B’Steak offers so many options of Western food I think they have more than 100 menu, I’m sure the visitors won’t get bored by visiting over and over again. The menu available here are varied such as Steak, Pancake, Pasta, Mexican and many more with affordable price.

Cheese Potato Skin
Perfect snack or appetizer for potato and cheese lovers. Crunchy baked potato skin filled with generous amount of savory creamy cheese sauce and sour cream.

Creamy Spinach Nachos
Love the creamy spinach dip, savory and addicting with the right level of creaminess.

Swedish Meat Balls
This savory dish was just simply satisfying. Meatballs were soft and seasoned very well with peppery savory gravy sauce and purple cabbage.

Beef Tacos
B’Steak has recently launched several Mexican food menu just like these Beef Tacos served with Tomato Salsa, Potato Chips and Guacamole. Love every single things from this dish, crunchy tacos with flavorful beef, sweet tangy refreshing salsa, crunchy savory chips and creamy guacamole.

Louisiana Prime Ribs (1kg)
Talking about ribs, B’Steak does not mess around. This 1 kg of barbecue seasoned ribs was tender and succulent. And the best part is that the freaking huge ribs only cost Idr 158.5k, totally worth the price!

Blue Cheese Tenderloin - Prime Steer Beef/ Wagyu (Victorian Tenderloin)
Steak with Blue Cheese is one of the newest menu at B’Steak. AnakJajan had our Blue Cheese Steak with Wagyu (Victorian Tenderloin) cooked till medium. Meat was already so good by itself, it was perfectly grilled with nice juicy pink center while charred on the outside. The addition of Blue Cheese was exceptional, it made this steak even more delicious with its light cheesy flavor, so so soooo freaking good!!

Fyi, the steak is served with Creamy Spinach, Garlic Bread and Signature Potato dish (Straight Cut Fries, Cajun Potato Wedges, Creamy Mashed Potato, Baby Potato or Garlic Herbs) and signature sauce (Traditional Gravy, Smoky Texas BBQ, Sumatra Blackpepper, Wild Mushroom,Sweet Butter Gravy or Butter Cream Mushroom).

Pesto with Grilled Chicken
There are three selection of pasta at B’Steak for you to choose, spaghetti, fettuccine or penne. AnakJajan had penne pasta for pesto seasoning. The pesto was decent and not too overpowering while pasta was cooked nicely.

Prawn Gamberoni
One word, mouthgasm!! Spicy and scrumptious pasta with garlicky savory chili based seasoning, sooo damn good I won’t mind having two portions of it by myself.

Nutella Oreo Cheesecake
Chocolate pancake roll with nutella, oreo crunch cheesecake and chocolate ice cream. Must must have menu for chocolate lovers, very rich and bold with chocolate flavor. I just love the bitter sweet and slightly salty flavor combination between the chocolate and cheese.

Blueberry Cheese
For lighter fruity option, we had Blueberry Cheese pancake. The pancakes were not too thick and tasted good enough, fluffy and soft with savory cream cheese, blueberry sauce, vanilla ice cream and cookie crunch.

Overall food at B’Steak were delicious and satisfying, price was also pretty reasonable and affordable I seriously can see ourselves coming back for more repeatedly. Let’s Jajan!!