The Delicacies Journal

Another restaurant is coming to Gading Serpong! Yeah, it's the famous one, B'Steak Grill and Pancake. This restaurant was established June 11, 2014 and it became the third branch as well as the central kitchen for three other outlets.

Anyway, this is the largest branch from the other their branch! And this place has a modern minimalist concept and also have some facilities, such as 2 VIP Room and 1 Function Hall. Surely, it's perfect for family time! :)

And let's go to the inside, here's the room and interior of the newest outlet. However, they used wood as the dominant elements and it feels more spacious, and coupled with the large windows which is give a modern impression in this place. In addition, you also can  find an outdoor area, with a garden and a small pond. The place is very comfortable and suitable for families.

Swiss Mushroom Chicken
Now, we started with Swiss Mushroom Chicken (IDR 41.500), crispy chicken topped with melted cheese and also served with french fries and sauteed vegetables and mushroom sauce. I'm not a typical who love mushrooms, so I ate it without the sauce, haha. But still good for me!

Dory Teriyaki Steak
Dory Teriyaki Steak (IDR 44.500), it's my first time to order this dish. And what? The result is really awesome! The dory is so soft and smooth, yeah no fishy at all! Then the perfectness is when you pour the teriyaki sauce on it.

Manhattan Fish and Chips
Manhattan Fish and Chips (IDR 48.500), it's my favourite menu from here! I really in love with fish (hmm, and never forget for pork, haha!). Anyway, this portion isn't big enough haha. But I love their sauce and their crispy fried fish.

But suddenly, I looked a standing banner about Bintang Radler, yeah it's a newest flavour beer and remind me of its freshness taste, so I ordered it for two! Oh ya, it doesn't make you drunk, because of very low alcohol content. 

And anyway, on this time, Bintang launched a new variant, Bintang Radler with lighter taste characteristic but still refreshing. Through these drinks, people can enjoy a beer at lunch or dinner or other casual event. So, I grab it for two, because one isn't enough! Cheers! :)

Banana Rumba Pancake
Banana Rumba Pancake (IDR 31.500), this is become my favorite dessert after enjoying two bottles of beer! Haha. It's pancake so soft and topped with banana, sugar powder, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream! WHOOP!