B'Steak Deli

With best & premium ingredients, freshly made everyday, and 100% Halal Food.
Perfect for your special occasion such as, birthday gift, souvenir, snack box, coffee break, or event food stall menu.
Please keep in mind that all of our pies are hand made and will vary in appearance.


Apple Pie

Buttery & flaky pastry crust with a generous filling of sweet - chunky fresh apples & warm spice. A true classic!


Strawberry Pie

Delicious combination of fresh strawberry fruit, sweet strawberry glaze & sweet shortcrust pastry. Burst with real strawberry flavour, wonderfully refreshing!


Blueberry Pie

Signature pastry crust is bubbling over with plump & ripe blueberries, sweetened perfectly & topped with traditional latice & icing sugar.


Original Steak & Cheese

Chunky Premium Steak blend well with Our Killer Gravy and topped with extra Gooey Cheese in a Flaky and Buttery Pastry.


Truffle Mushroom

Delicate Earthy Flavor of Mushrooms Smothered in Cheesy Sauce.


Pepper Steak

The Best Quality Premium Steak are Suspended in a Thick Peppered Sauce and wrapped in Delicious Flaky Golden Pastry.


Smoked Chicken & Sausage

A Must for Chicken Lovers, succulent diced Chicken & Smoked Chicken Sausages are suspended in a Rich Creamy Sauce.


Tuna Melt

Dedicated for a Seafood Lovers! Chunky Tuna in Delicious Creamy Sauce topped with a layer of Homemade Mayo for a gourmet feel.


Minced Beef & Mushroom

Delicously Tender Minced Beef & Slice Muhrooms with Rich Gravy Sauce, topped with Our Signature Flaky Pastry.


Ready at B'Steak Grill & Pancake outlet : Gading Serpong, Greenville, Muara Karang & Mall Artha Gading. Also available at Gofood & Grabfood by typing "bsteak" & Tokopedia by typing "bsteak deli" [Price @Idr 25.000/pc all variant]