B'Steak Deli

With best & premium ingredients, freshly made everyday, and 100% Halal Food.
Perfect for your special occasion such as, birthday gift, souvenir, snack box, coffee break, or event food stall menu.


Tuna Melt

Dedicated for a Seafood Lovers! Chunky Tuna in Delicious Creamy Sauce topped with a layer of Homemade Mayo for a gourmet feel.


Original Steak & Cheese

Chunky Premium Steak blend well with Our Killer Gravy and topped with extra Gooey Cheese in a Flaky and Buttery Pastry.


Truffle Mushroom

Delicate Earthy Flavor of Mushrooms Smothered in Cheesy Sauce.


Minced Beef & Mushroom

Delicously Tender Minced Beef & Slice Muhrooms with Rich Gravy Sauce, topped with Our Signature Flaky Pastry.


Pepper Steak

The Best Quality Premium Steak are Suspended in a Thick Peppered Sauce and wrapped in Delicious Flaky Golden Pastry.


Smoked Chicken & Sausage

A Must for Chicken Lovers, succulent diced Chicken & Smoked Chicken Sausages are suspended in a Rich Creamy Sauce.


Visit our store at Gading Serpong, Muara Karang & Mall Artha Gading or simply GOJEK-IN Aja via GO-FOOD by typing "b'steak" & order manually at those outlet; Also you can try GO-SEND/GRAB EXPRESS! More info call : 02129419075